Pokemon go-Bot Cheat with Hourly 100K Exp. 12-08-2016

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Pokemon go-Bot Cheat with Hourly 100K Exp. 12-08-2016

Installation for the new version are as follows boots.

1. First –Click here–. Let’s get our boat from the link.
2. RAR file folder draw
3. “necroconfig.ex a” double click on the file’s open. Coordinates, Looting and let Auth settings.
4. Run the boat and save the settings. Have fun.
NOTE: You can not catch Pokemon and collect Poketop soft ban’re eaten. solution to Softban was fixl. 4 hour wait to try it.
Note 2: 1 to 1 account muscle on the computer. 2. If you opened the account, will fail to pokestop found.
Note 3: easing the BOT and the capture rate is reduced. Nearest movement has been optimized for real.

pokemon hack mod bot cheats

Hi guys. GO Pokemon craze continues all over the world in cutting speed. Now you can get very fast exp with methods will tell you, you can collect Pokemon.
All you need is one Pokemon Trainer Club account or Google account and 1 computer.
Note: I suggest you open your account and open a new Pokémon Trainer Club account. Let us not forget that we Bans risk.


1. First Click here let’s get our boat.

Pokemon setup settings mode hacker-

2. in the RR, this folder draw
3. Let’s open with any text editor, right-click the file in the folder user.xml. (I recommend Notepad ++)
– Coordinate information Let’s go
– PTC user name and password to go inside
– Item record saying let’s close this settings collection

Pokemon setup settings mode hacker apkxmod

Note 1: Those who want to sign in with a Google account User.xml “” “PTC” instead of “Google” should write.
Bot prepare a code you will ask you and you allow logging in to your google account. When you return to the program after Allow “1 / adspso7asf09as67as8d8as8” will create such a code.
Copy this code in User.xml “” You need to paste it between tags.

Note 2: If you transfer your character to a very distant place at a time when you eat Softbar Max 4 hours Poketop and you can not collect Pokemon.

Note 3: Scratch account will please enter the game before you collect your first Pokemon and you visited pokestop. Then you have active bots.

Note 4: you’ve downloaded, you install on your device, and you are responsible for all transactions you make. We do not accept responsibility Apkxmod.com-.

Note 5: Bans note that your risk.

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